Energy Skatepark

This is a web interactive lesson based on motion.  You need Java and then just click RUN NOW in the lower right to get started. Learn about conservation of energy with a skater dude! Build tracks, ramps and jumps for the skater and view the kinetic energy, potential energy and friction as he moves. You can also take the skater to different planets or even space!

Gravity Launch

Using angles and Thrust (speed) get through each level by orbiting different obstacles with different forces of gravity. See if you can challenge yourself and make it back to base.

Medieval Levers

In this clever and textured interactive student are introduced to a medieval, first class lever called a Trebuchet. After a brief introduction, students are asked to build and test their own!

Friction Ramp

Steven has lost his wheels for his skateboard but still thinks he can ride it. Using the ride combination of surfaces, see if you can get him to the target. 


This game is a great example of push and pull forces. The size, weight, and shape of objects are a part of the reason as to why and how they move. Do objects move differently when in different environments?

coaster creator

Build your own rollercoaster and collect all the coins in the game. Earn thrill coins by making your track more sensational!

Click this Link to check out the different sounds

energy quest

Hover your mouse over this room and see what you find. There are all kids of hidden treasures to help you explore more about energy. 

the jason project

Have fun building your own roller coaster. But make sure that you consider Kinetic and Potential energy when deciding what to put on your coaster. Don’t forget though, if it’s boring you won’t get good reviews either.

whoahler coaster

Make a roller coaster, then test in on Ruff.

funder coaster

You are responsible for setting the controls for the height of hill #1, hill #2, the size of the loop, the initial speed of the coaster, its mass, the gravity at work and the amount of friction on the track.

coaster creator 2

Build a safe roller-coaster according to the specifications and try to make it reach the finish line in one piece. If you can do it, you will receive a new project.

Fantastic Contraption 2

Using a few tools, you're going build a machine. Your machine will help you get through or to an obstacle. That's it. It is a really fun and challenging game of building simple machines. 

candy ride 2

Roll the red candy on platforms and through portals as you try to guide the candies to the boy's mouth. Make sure that he eats the red candy last.


Using your knowledge of gravity; try to balance out each new object. You'll know you've succeeded when a new object appears.Think Newton.

bridge Builder

Take the challenge, see how much weight your bridges can hold.


‘Forces at the Funfair’ is an interactive, investigative computer game that enables you to explore the effect of changes in several variables on the motion of a roller-coaster car.

Coconut Run

An important part of great explorers in the past is their ability to create and design tools used to expand their exploring... like compasses. Build a vehicle, get the coconuts safely to the shredder in the fastest time possible. 

    Magic Pen

You can create a few simple shapes to help move a red ball to its final destination. See how far you can move your ball using pulleys, levers, ramps, and gravity in your favour. 

Rocket science

Kongregate Games: Now even you can be a rocket scientist! A very unique and cool physics game. Play around with your rockets and hit planets, while enjoying the awesome quotes from great scientists.