Try your skills at operations and see how many error balls you can collect before the other ballhog gets them.


Burnside Billions

Mr. Burnside is leaving you his fortune, but under one condition... You need to buy up his 27 favourite world landmarks in the next 40 days!


Make a pattern then try to find the matching firefly with the same pattern. See how far you can get and how fast you can do it.  

Best Math Friends

Solve word problems and gain as many friends as possible. Watch out because you make too many mistakes and you're out.

Manga High

Here is an amazing website full of games and learning goals for Math. At Manga High, each student has their own character and avatar. They are given various Math tasks that challenge and extend their learning. The more challenges you do the more experience you get. You can build up your character and improve you status the more you play. School ID is 214092

Math Rules

 Brain Games and Training