Differences in weather and climate affect our lives and our lifestyles. We cannot control our weather and climate, but they can control us - influencing where we live, what we can do, what we wear even what we eat! In this unit we be finding out about the differences between weather and climate, and the important role they play in the lives of everyone on the planet.

Gas Attack!

From NASA: Some gases in the atmosphere are called greenhouse gases, because they have a greenhouse effect on Earth. If not for any greenhouse gas, Earth would be too cold. But too much greenhouse gas can make it too hot. Help Earth get rid of the excess greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Climate Challenge

You are president of the European Nations. You have to bargain and deal with trade, agriculture, and making sure your have as much support from your people all at the same time. This game is a bit more advanced

My 2050

This is a closer look at the future of our planet. Slide the different bars to increase and decrease the use of various energies. This will give you a closer calculated look at how much we need to reduce to save our planet. Pretty cool gadget to explore.

Eco House

Coral Bleaching

This interactive website shows you how nature and people can easily change the eco-life of coral reef.

energy quest

Hover your mouse over this room and see what you find. There are all kids of hidden treasures to help you explore more about energy.