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Here is an idea. What if, for a birthday gift or just to be special, you decided to cook something for someone? Here is a website full of recipes and ideas made specifically for kids to cook. 

parking lot

This game tests your knowledge of lines, angles, and logical thinking. Can you move the cars in a way that helps you get the red car out of the exit?

loop city

This game combines geometry and logic skills. Pay attention to the layout of the city and try not to waste space.

In Science

 What an item is made from and why certain materials are used to make it, is a part of better understanding things in our daily lives. 

Making Pulleys


Our Classroom


line rider

Check out this fun creator and more new stuff on the web learning page




This short story by Neil Gaiman is about a family with a pest problem. But the only one who believes it is a young girl named Lucy. Check out this book 'The Wolves in the Walls' and a whole lot more on the new Literacy page. 


Well. It happened again. This website went down in China but has made another comeback. In order to keep the class current with online updates I've added a blog.  

Engineer Girl

What do engineers do? You ever think of becoming one? You can take an in depth look at the wide variety of fields and jobs that engineers work in.