noun song

conjunction junction


sentence surgeon

Your paragraph surgery skills will be put to the test as critically injured paragraphs enter your emergency room.


In this neighborhood, you’ll only earn your Halloween candy if you know your homophones.

Grammar Wars

Check out this text based game that sends you on a journey to the grammar world far beyond our galaxy. 

 pumpkins Game

Study their faces and drag the adjective that best describes the target pumpkin to its box.

Prefixes & Suffixes

Learn how to add letters to the beginning or end of a word to modify its meaning.

Word Derby

Guess the correct answer by choosing the right car. When you do then ram into it! Smash up enough cars to move to the next level.

grammar gorillas

Identify different parts of a sentence, choose easy or hard levels. 

Speedy Speller

This game will help you hear words spoken out and then you try to spell them.


Choose one of five different groups of prefixes and practice matching the words.

semicolon wars

For thousands of years the semicolons have endured abuse. Now they are ready to rise up and conquer. 


15 grammar goofs






Identify the misspelled word in each sentence.

English For Kids

Reading, writing, grammar, word, and spelling games. This place has variety to improve your grammar and writing

Word Invasion

Stop the invasion by guessing the correct type of word: nouns, adjectives, adverbs and more.


Use your punctuation skills to get through forests, castles, and fending off creatures. 

Grammar Ninja

Follow the way of the ninja, the grammar ninja. 

verb viper

Feed the snake by clicking the space-bar, but only when the correct verb pops up

prefix challenge

Add prefixes and suffixes to make new words with different meanings. 

Maggie needs help fixing a short circuit in her computer, and she needs your help. By linking the prefixes and suffixes to their meaning, you can really help her out.

Click a fish with a root word, then click a basket to make a new word. Be quick because a shark is waiting to steal and eat your fish. 


where can english take you?

Games to Learn English

This website will help you increase your speed at reading and comprehension. There are a wide variety of games that are fast paced and challenge your reading to gain high scores.

Vocabulary Builder

There are a wide selection of games to keep up with your English skills and expand your reading knowledge: Letter Blocks, Slang Game, Crosswords, and Word Builders are just a few ways to improve your English AND have fun.

Grammar Games