scientific method

Stop. Before you go any further in our science section of this site. It is important to clear up a few things. First, do you know the scientific method? Most of you have probably heard of it and/or used it, but for those that haven't - the Scientific Method is a process of steps taken when conducting an experiment properly. Do scientists always use this method? No. A lot of science doesn't need the Scientific Method to research and explore their field. This method is more for science that requires experiment-based studies. The method may have different versions for different investigations. The purpose of the method is to keep experiments fair, collect the right information, and get the correct answer to your question. More detail and information can be found by clicking image to an excellent website for all your questions. 

discovery kids

Here is an excellent website for kids to do their own scientific exploring. Learn about sharks, robot dogs, colours, or just about everything science. There are videos to watch, games to play, and tons and tons of interesting science facts to learn. 

kids' cbc

Here is another great site with loads of science-based games and activities. Kids' CBC is a Canadian based television company that encourages exploring and discovery starting at a very young age through to adulthood. All kinds of things for every age. 

world of science

Try to keep your character happy by improving health, money, and air quality as just some of the factors.

Science watch

Growing up I watched a lot of Science shows. I think that it was important to see Science from the eyes of a kid and that's what a lot of these shows do. So here are some of my recommended shows. I know there are more out there, but these are my personal favourites. 

mr. wizard's world

This show first aired in 1983 and Mr. Wizard became the most popular Science teacher in America. He always had different children on his show to perform experiments together. A lot of his experiments were made with household items so that kids (with parents) could do their own investigating. Here is a youtube link to some of his videos. Click on the image to connect to his website. 

beakman's world

Beakman's World was about a crazy scientist, his pet rat, and several assistants that would answer viewer mail from curious kids around the world. Always science based questions, Beakman would then perform tests and experiments to explain the science of those questions. Beakman still tours at schools and there is a rumor that his show may be returning soon!


Bill Nye the Science Guy

My all-time favourite is Bill Nye. His show reached kids and truly made Science as amazing and interesting as it actually is. I still watch Bill Nye when I need a good laugh. Each episode had a theme or topic and a song to go along with it. Although he doesn't made new episodes, Mr. Nye is still very active in the science community and does public appearances often. Here are some short videos on Youtube.