know your cells

bacterial invasion

Read the questions and click on the correct answer. If you're correct, your infection will increase by 5%. Infect your host 100% and you win.


Have you ever been really sick and wondered "why is this happening to me?" Well it could be that you have some kind of virus in your body. Take a look at the process and some of the steps it takes to get sick. 

The Innards

Inside the human, you have to defend yourself against viruses and catch as many red blood cells as possible to stay alive. 

Super Biology

This shoot em'up game isn't for the weak stomach folks out there. You are blasting your way through virus and bugs to protect your body from getting sick. 

Pandemic 2

Using your knowledge of geography and taking into account that a good virus should remain hidden for as long as it can. Take your chance at this game and see if you can end the world with your own creation of a virus.


See if you can find all of the characteristics of two microbes to match and destroy them.

cell cycle

All living this are made up of cells. Cells are always diving and multiplying to replace old or damaged cells. In fact, every minute you replace 300 million new cells. Follow the link to learn more about cells. After you play this game you can test your knowledge skills. 


Evolve yourself from a simple cell into a complex creature. Learn about organelles and the various functions that make up cells.

Germ Hunter

Germs! Everywhere! Try to keep different rooms clean from all the different germs brought into your house. It might get overtaken by nasty germs.

bacteria cafeteria

Find and click on all 12 stars  in the cafeteria to answer the microbe riddle! Along the way, find out more about these tiny creatures that do some big, amazing things.


This website looks at the study of bacteria, viruses, and other microbes that are invisible to the eye. These tiny creatures are everywhere, even on you and in you! But don't worry, they're harmless.