History of Chocolate for Kids



Click on the picture to find out where chocolate comes from. After you are finished reading about chocolate, answer the following questions on a piece of paper. On January 6th, we will each share what we know about chocolate. 

Here are your questions:

1) What part of the world does chocolate come from?

2) What kind of places can Cocoa trees live?

3) Caffeine is found in cocoa beans, what else has caffeine? 

*hint - you can drink it/them



More  Chocolate


Chocolate Bar



Here is a game you can try out that teaches you how to make different kinds of chocolate treats. You are a chocolate restaurant owner and cook. Your job is to make many kinds of different treats for your customers and collect money. If you make enough of the right things and keep your customers happy, you can improve your restaurant by buying new things for it. Give it a try, it's lots of fun!

The Story of Chocolate


Check out this website and learn about the history of chocolate.

Where it grows

Who makes chocolate

What is chocolate

All this and many more secrets to learn about chocolate. 


The Hershey Story


Check out the Hershey website you will find lots of information and fun facts about chocolate, how it is made in a factory, and all the steps it take to go from the cocoa tree to your mouth.