bugs in the system


Hacker has infested the cybrary with nasty bugs. Help and clean up the mess. Grab the bugs and make a graph. 

Interpreting data


This website gives you a good chance at taking data about classmates and hobbies and put it into Math terms. 

Data Bank


Collect personal data and build graphs and charts to share your found information. Try this game a couple of times and get used to some of the terms and concepts with collecting data; you'll be collecting some of your own data at school. 

bar charts

Different topics and different charts to practice reading and interpreting. 


Go Fishing. Then take record on what you catch. 

Fuzz Bugs

Count the Fuzz Bugs and separate them by colour. Then go through the questions and test your knowledge. You can play the game over again and try your skills out. 

alien Snail race

Race your snail. Check your results and read the data out to predict results. 


What's the point

Test your graph reading skills with this game that is sure to challenge you.

Bar Chart: Favourite colour

The teacher asks the students the question "what's your favourite colour?" After they answer, you sort it out and answer questions. 

Data and Graphs

Read and interpret line, bar and circle graphs. Construct these graphs from data in a table. Learn how to determine which graphs are appropriate for a given set of data.

Fruit Fall

Help the farmer catch all the apples. Move the mouse left and right and he will follow.