The aim of the funny game Evolvo is to eat or to be eaten. Move your tiny fish through the dark aquarium and scarf lots of smaller seafood such as crab shrimps and other sea related animals in order to evolve and win new abilities. Avoid bigger creatures or you'll die.

snurfle island

Create a Snurfle with a unique adaptation, then see how long it can survive on each island.


The ef Game's slogan is: Eat or be eaten! Control the evolvable creature through the atmosphere and explore new areas. Try to consume all smaller beings along your travel to become more and more larger.


Walkinator is a sandbox tool which generates random creatures. Unsure where to start? Read the instructions and build a walker with the given tools or create a random creature by clicking on the "create random creature" button. 

Idle Evolution

This is nothing. You start from the most basic elements and slowly over time (much quicker than it really took) create the universe. Upgrade and evolve to see what kind of world you create. 

darwin Survival

Choose a species and try your luck. You will be faced with a year of environmental changes that will influence who does and doesn't survive. That is natural selection. 

cyto life

The purpose of the game is to grow & evolve, gathering food and getting rid of enemies. Use DNA points to grow your character. 

microbe komat

You're a tiny microbe trying to evolve in a tiny world, fight, growing, multiplying to get to the next level. 

idle planet

Idle Planet is a game in which you get the opportunity to be the creator of your own planet. The planet will be a simple one initially but you can get it to evolve and eventually become the best planet in the universe.

The Sandbox

Similar to Idle Evolution, this game has no end and is always different. You are given some simple life forms, basic elements, and time. You can evolve your world into almost any kind of world.


Evolve yourself from a simple cell into a complex creature. Learn about organelles and the various functions that make up cells.