Scooter Quest

Compare decimals and fractions to determine which is greater. For each correct answer you earn money. Your goal is to try and get enough to buy a scooter.

Number Climb

Order the fractions in the proper order from smallest to biggest. Climb those numbers and practice your speed.

Snow Sprint


Multiply fractions quickly to give your snowmobile an extra boost. Go for first place by using your Math skills.


Your teams are all scrambled and mixed up. Use your knowledge of fractions to re-organize them in order. 

Computation Castle

Use your knowledge of fractions; mixed numbers, improper fractions, equivalent place value, and rounding numbers to help your friends turn back to their original selves. 

Fun Fractions

Order the list of fractions from smallest to biggest. Test yourself and see just how far you can get as the questions get tougher and tougher.

Tony Fraction's 

Give your Fraction skills a try by making pizza's. Each customer likes their pizza with an unusual amount of ingredients; so your job as the pizza chef is to make sure they're happy with their order. 

Match Game 2

Here is another match game to practice your percents and fractions. Every time you play the positions change, so it's basically endless. Try to go for 6 turns for the highest score

Cash Out

These shoppers never stop! Customer after customer are looking for you and your Math skills to give the correct change. Try to make as many customers happy as quickly as you can. 

Lunch Lady

You get to be the grumpy lunch lady and collect up all the cash from those lazy customers. See how fast you can add decimals up to get a high a score. 

Death to Decimals

You are Fraction Man. You have been chosen to save the world from evil fraction monsters. Use your skills to defeat your enemies. Good luck

Fruit Splat

Compare decimals and shoot your target fruits to get points. You can pick from a variety of modes to make it easier or harder. 

Decimals  Caribbean

Explore the Caribbean seas and fight pirates using your decimal skills to defeat your enemies.

Hungry Puppies

Add your decimals up as quickly as you can and feed your dogs.

Hotel Decimalfornia

Get the owls to their correct hotel room and get a tip. Get it wrong and you lose money. 

Dick and Dom

Help our adventurers complete their quest to make soup. Use your skills with decimals to get them through their tasks. 

Flower Power

Put the petals in order from lowest at the bottom to highest at the top of your flower. Finish as quick as you can for more money.

Mission Magnetite


Match up percentages, fractions, and pictures to stop Hacker from dropping magnetite on Motherboard Central. 


Here is a real life skill for you to practice. What percentage of a bill should you tip. Take the challenge and see how well you can do

Wise Park Percent

Welcome to Wise Park! The park manager wants you to help plan the park's features using percentages.

Number Invaders

Pick which percentage you want to practice. It gets faster and more difficult.. really fast. It's really fun.

Matching Percents

Like matching games? Then this one is a fun way to practice percentages.


Use this simple game of dartboards to practice your decimal, fraction, or percentage skills.

Matching Perfection

This one is really good for practicing your decimal, fraction, and percentage skills. As you progress the levels get harder, see how far you can get.