Project T.R.I.G

Using your knowledge of velocity (from IPC) and your awesome skills with angles; try to hit the target in one shot for the highest score. 

Measuring Angles

Can you measure angles within 1 degree? See how well you can guess an angle is then measure it using an online protractor to check your skills. 

Alien Angles

Estimate the correct angle and attack the aliens. Be quick or the aliens will get you.


Test your skills with angles by picking the correct degree. If you choose wrong you are attacked by a ninja, if you're right... you will defeat your enemy. 

Throw Banana


This two player game is great for testing your knowledge of angles and force. Two gorillas trying to hit each other with bananas has never been so fun.

Fruit Picker

You have to move your arrow in the least amount of "shots" and collect the apples. Move in various degrees to collect your apples. 

Max Connect 2

Arrange the blue connectors so that the laser returns to its starting position.
Even more challenges in this fun sequel!

Space Logic

Can you successfully guide Rover to the target?

area builder

Go through 6 different levels and see if you can figure out the correct area. 

Party Designer


Use your knowledge or area and perimeter to arrange a floor plan for the a party. 



(un)Earthworms - Practice locating points on a coordinate grid. Work with positive and/or negative coordinates.

Area Blocks


Create shapes with the correct area and perimeter. Play against your friends or the computer. 

Butter Baron



The Big Time But Baron has a job for you. Cover as much space as you can. Let's get to work!



Geometric Art


area and perimeter rules

Equation Creations


Here it is: Spyromath --- Trigonometry, Art, and Motion. See what amazing piece of art you can create. 

Online Rubik's Cube

You know what this is. If you don't have one at home, don't worry. Mr. D found one for ya online. I haven't beaten it yet, but I'm trying.

Reflect and Rotate


Reflect designs across the x and y axis and rotate designs around the origin. Improve your spatial reasoning skills.

Lines of Symmetry

See if you can find which shapes are symmetrical. Some have more than one line of symmetry. 

Symmetry Match


From easiest to hardest, try these three games out. Start with pictures, shapes, then lines and see how well you know your symmetrical shapes. 

Symmetry Game


Connect the dots to see what you got. Can you make a symmetrical match to the different shapes provided? Try out this game and see if you can.

Mission 2110 - Symmetry

Set off on a new mission with Mission 2110. This time your symmetry knowledge will be required to complete your mission. Forward on Math soldiers. 

Symmetry Activity

Practice making patterns by using your knowledge of symmetry.

M.C. Escher




When you get a chance, check out this Dutch artists' amazing work. He based a lot of his artwork around Math. Here is one of his most famous works called 'Relativity'. 


Want a little practice with your Math skills? Print off some worksheets to master Geometry at Click the image to get there. 


Arrange the pieces to fit the given shapes. You must plan your moves ahead very carefully. Once a piece is placed, it cannot be removed.

Shape Inlay

Create a geometric work of art.
Position shapes on the board as quickly as possible.

Count Cubes

Cubes fall and stack up from the sky. You have a limited time to see how many land before your score lowers. See how far you can get! 

Shape Mods

Flip, Rotate, and Translate your way through levels of geometry fun!

Construct It

Use the colourful shapes provided to fill in the blank grey space. See how far you can get as each level gets faster.

Sliding Block 

Free the poor little red block. Use your geometry skills to get the job done.



Here is a fun and easy game to help you recognize the properties of quadrilaterals. See if you can pick the right ones.


Try and make the same shape using the basic shapes provided. It starts off easy but gets way more challenging as you get further. 



Solve all the clues and find a way to escape your captures using your knowledge of 3D shapes. Good luck!

Red Defender

Here is another shape themed Math break for your brain. It's all about problem solving to sharpen your critical thinking brains.  


Make sure to keep your block from falling off the edges. Try this game out for another great brain break problem solving challenge.