headline harry

As a new reporter for Headline Harry, the editor of the US Daily Star, you must prove yourself by going out and getting the story fast and right. 

Try to balance your family life with work, school and health, all while living in poverty. This games introduces young learners what the average life is like in Haiti and similar nations. 


Watch this short movie about bullying. When you are finished, take the "easy" quiz then email it to our class homework email. Watch it and take the quiz more than once if you want to or even try the "hard" quiz.


Want to practice your debating skills? This game can help you see both sides of an argument; you can defend or argue against different subjects and tests your skills at debating. Who know, maybe you're meant to be a lawyer?


Choose your own adventure and build up your character to be an active member of your community. Earn points and try to level up your character to become as active as you can.


Check out this website to find out more information on the different systems your body has and how they work. You can also learn about the many ways to stay healthy. Try a video, read a new article, play a video game or take a quiz.