Jetstream Riders

Challenge other players around the world to a Math off as you glide your balloon over obstacles and collect coins. See if you can beat your opponents by catching a jet stream to blast into first place. Use your skills with operations to control your balloon. 

Half Court 

Try to score as many points as possible by rounding numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, or tenth.

Football Math

Classic football with a twist... You need to use place value skills. Can you beat your opponent?

Place Value Pirates

Pick the proper pirate to progress past the post... and other 'p' words. 

Math Racing

Can you beat the other racers? Use your place value skills and see if you got the speed to beat these racers.

battleship numberline

Brainpop it! I just made that up and I like it. But for real, check out another Brainpop game (which are almost always a blast) and practice your number-skills. 

Rounding ships

Save the planet from attacking spaceships by destroy the one marked with the correct number. In order to do that you must know your round.

Fruit Splat

Fruit Splat will test your place value skills and speed. See if you can shoot all the fruit.

Horrendous Soup

Add the required ingredients to your weird soups and convert units to complete your recipe list. 

to the nearest 100

It's good to recognize the 100 below and above your given number because the sooner you are quick at that the quicker you can round numbers.