video: biomes of the world


Use this website to study and learn more about the major biomes of the world

build a biome

Learn more about the biomes by building them. Get clues from the notebook and the facts panel, and you will be able to choose the right plants, animal, temperature, and precipitation.

biome survivor

This is a fun and interactive look at the temperature, climate, and life that helps to make a biome. Switch things around and see how it changes other properties.

weather maker

Adjust temperatures and humidity and see what kinds of weather you can create

Wild Weather

You ever play a board game? Here is a tricky online game to expand your knowledge of weather. 

Video: strange weather


Add the right components to create a hurricane; wind speeds, wind directions, temperature, and more have to at the proper setting in order for your hurricane to work. 

tornado maker

Engineer your own massive tornado in Tornado Maker! Then, type that word as many times as you can in 30 seconds. The more you type, the faster you get the air masses spinning, and the stronger your tornado can be!

Stop Disaster

This is simple: stop as much damage from a natural disaster as possible. You have to prepare your city from a natural disaster of your choice by adding defense and shelter within a certain budget. There is a time limit on all your planning so think quick. Good Luck. 

dynamic earth

Name all the plates as quickly as possible, then identify if a boundary is convergent, divergent, or transform. 

yardgames: Earthquakes

learn about waves, triangulating and tracking, in order for us to predict earthquakes and to be better prepared for them. Try this game out and test your knowledge of earthquakes. 

video: tectonics explained

tectonic model

Get a closer look at the tectonic plate map superimposed over the world map and find out more history on nations that are known for their geography due to the plates. 

map scaling

Estimate the distances between the two cities that appear on the map using the ruler (which is positioned at the same angle of the two cities).


There are 3 main kinds of clouds: Cumulus, Stratus, and Cirrus. Cumulus clouds are the fluffy clouds that look like cotton balls. Stratus clouds are layered and often dark and close to the ground. Fog comes from Stratus clouds being very low to the ground. Cirrus clouds are thin and feathery. When you see Cirrus clouds that means the weather is usually nice. These clouds are opposite of Stratus clouds because they are really high up in the sky. 

cloud facts

If you want to learn more about clouds and their different shapes and purpose, then check out this website and watch the short videos on various clouds. After there is a matching game to try out

Video: Why do clouds stay up?

air masses

Watch this interactive video on warm and cold air masses to see just how they work

the weather game

From easy to hard questions, this T.V. quiz style game will test your overall knowledge of weather


Watch this short video on the history of plate tectonics and how they were discovered. 

time zone x

See if you can put all the major events into the correct chronological order. Add other content like volcanoes and earthquakes to get a higher score. 

Volcano Explorer

Check out tectonic plates, the inside of volcanoes, the ring of fire, or even build your own volcano.  

Earthquakes Preparation

Games, activities, and information. The best part, it's all for kids. Use this site for research of just for independent learning about earthquakes. 

identifying tectonics

In this game you identify all the major components of plate tectonics, but be quick because you're on a timer


As its subtitle states, Firestorm is a forest fire simulation -- the first in a series of similar games by Cricket Software, in which you control ground and air based forces to fight forest fires in realtime. After starting the game, you see the map where the action takes place -- a top-down view of 180,000 acres of forested coastland somewhere in the Northwest, containing mountains and hills, roads and buildings, rivers and a lake

pizza delivery

Users must delivery pizzas to all corners of the world using their latitude and longitude skills. The object is to delivery as many pizzas as possible in three minutes.

coordinates of the world

You will learn latitude and longitude while learning the locations and names of the world’s nations.