Deadly 60

The crew from 'Deadly 60' needs help sorting out a bunch of critters that fell out of the back of their van. See how many you can group for them. 

food chain game

Organize the steps of a food chain into the correct order. See if you can get all the way through without making a mistake 

Variation Links

Read the clue and choose all the species that match. See if you can get them all, you may be surprised.

watch it grow

Not all plants take the same shape. Imagine a world where all the fruits and vegetables looked the same? It would be pretty weird. But they don't and neither do all of their parts, they all grow different in some way. Take a look at a few examples and see how their roots, leaves, stems, and other parts grow.  

Science up close





Label Parts of a Flower


Here is an online activity to help you remember the parts of a flower like we found in class. 

Life Cycle of Plants

Watch the video and go through the activities to learn more about plant life cycles. 

Plant Growth


Try your green thumb out digitally; I may ask at random times to explain the steps needed to make a plant 


Drag and drop the animals to their continents. There are 31 total animals.

Characteristic Game

Sort out the different characteristics of each group and see what little surprise you get. You made need your textbook for this one. 

Grouping Animals

You need to find a way to feed the animals at the zoo. Watch and learn so that you can make the right choice of foods to feed the animals. 


This PBS interactive gives us a really close look at how photosynthesis works. Super cool and worth a look. 

Grow a Plant

Add the right combination of water, sun, space, and soil to your plants and see if they grow. Different plants require different amounts of things. Try our all the plants and test your knowledge. 

Plant Animate

Here is a brief animation of plants and their parts. See what different roles each part plays. Good start to getting to know plants. 


Take the challenge and see if your plant knowledge can get you to the million dollar prize. 

Grow 4 Life

Try to water the plants as quickly as you can. Keep enough of them alive and you go to the next level. Between each level you can answer questions about plants and get bonuses if your answer is correct. 

variation detective

Use the clues to find out who the culprit was. There are 3 levels to pick from, see if you can get them all. 

Ant War

Different ants have different roles in a colony. There are workers, fighters, ants that gather food, and even a queen. Your goal is to choose the right ants to do the right jobs at the right time. 

Great Turtle Race

A huge part of underwater exploration is to discover new species like the sea turtle. National Geographic for Kids has shared this game; travel the currents like just like a real sea turtle and see how far you can get. 


Evolve yourself from a simple cell into a complex creature. Learn about organelles and the various functions that make up cells.

Bug Guide


People have come together on this cool website to record all bug findings in North America. They take photos and data of new bugs found. Lots of interesting stuff on bugs, if that's your kind of thing. 

Food Chains

One important thing to consider when thinking about extreme survivors is - how does a food chain work? In extreme environments a food chain is especially cool. Studying a food chain can show you just how all the little critters and plants have survived in such harsh places. Here is a refresher on how a food chain works from our friends at 

Switch Zoo

Test your knowledge and see if you can come up with the correct combinations or plants, animals, and weather to make the perfect biome. This is just one of the many games you can find on