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sun for kids


solar System Maker

Bring your own solar system to life by creating nine different planets, adding rings, color, and moons, and then launching them into orbit. 


From NASA: Combine protons and neutrons in just the right way to make helium and release energy. It's called fusion, and it's what makes the sun burn so hot for so long. Keep the sun shining bright. 

BrainPOP - ISS

The International Space Station is a space project that involves many countries from around the world. These great explorers and scientists work together to learn more about our universe. Watch this short film and learn more about it. 

Pluto's Secret

Join Nat and Geo as they explore the planets of our solar system and learn about space exploration. 

Run 3

I wasn't sure if I should put this in our Fascinating Forces or Space Explorers unit. This game is pretty run. Run as fast as you can on any of the 4 walls. Your gravity changes and your mode of transportation can too. Your goal is to not fall into open space and float away forever (remember Newton).


A space quake deep in the solar system has rearranged the planets and Pluto and threatens to destroy everything!

Satellite Insight

From NASA: In the Satellite Insight game, you will have to think and move fast to keep up with the massive flow of different types of data being captured by a GOES-R satellite.

Comet Quest

Based on an actual space mission called 'Rosetta', you will be sending a space lander onto a comet and then hovering around it in your satellite sending and receiving information. Just like real scientists, you are collecting data and information to help learn more about space. 

Mars Lander

Gravity isn't the same in space or other planets. The 'G' force on Mars is certainly going to be different as well. Lets see if you can pilot this ship to land safely on Mars. 

M  S  A - 2

Navigate your space ship through asteroids & debris, manage your fuel consumption, and get better ships as you explore through the stars.  

Galactic Explorer

From NASA: A galaxy is a huge collection of gas, dust, and billions of stars all held together by gravity. Pilot your ship through space see how much you can explore. 

fuel cells

Watch the video and follow along to gain all the right parts you need to move forward in this 'Time Zone - X' series. 

Solar Systems

Think you know your planets? Try this game out and label all the planets of our solar system. See how many you can get. I always tried to use MVEMJSUNP, sometimes it worked. 

Into Space 2

What does it take to get to space? You are a Scientist that's been assigned to build a rocket to get to Mars. You have to start from the ground up and keep building up your rocket until you reach your goals. How does gravity change your rocket? What about the wind? What about how heavy your rocket is? These challenges and more are waiting for you with Into Space 2

Google Mars

Much like Google Earth, Google Mars lets you explore the surface of the red planet. Use different types of views to see what is happening on the planet.