I decided to add this chart for reference when you practice your typing at home. It's pretty important to start practicing your typing the proper way right from the beginning. Your position should be locked on the 'home row' which you can see in the diagram starts with your left hand pinkie finger on the 'A' key. You should try out all of these activities without looking at the keyboard as much as possible. 

Cup Stacking

Try your skills at cup stacking. The rules are the same as our actual cup stacking club at school, except now your speed has to come from your fingers. See if you can type the correct letters quickly to score the quickest time. 


Hurry! It's a zombie apocalypse and time is running out. As the zombies creep towards you, quickly type the word you see to make the creatures disappear. Beware — spelling and speed are key to survival. Good luck.

Ghost Speller

Can you spell "Ooooooo"? I bet these ghosts can. Try to beat the ghosts by spelling the words floating in front of them. Spell the word before the ghosts get too close or they will attack.

Speed Test

Think you got skills? Why not put them to the test? Here is a hard-mode challenge for anyone who has killed the monsters and stacked the fastest cups This isn't a game, but it is a good way to see where you're at.

Typing Course

Some of these games are too difficult or easy, or if you just want to practice typing without the noises or flash. These different level typing classes are perfect for you. Just pick a level that fits you and type. At the end you can see how well you're doing.

how to type

Typing Monster

Type as quick as you can and get that monster before it gets you. There are short paragraphs to type that give you ammo to kill the beast. Good Luck!

Qwrty Warriors!

This is a classic in our classroom. Qwerty Warriors leaves you in a wasteland to defend your life. You have to stop your enemies by typing the letters over their head. But be warned, your enemies start to multiply and get faster at a rapid rate. 

Type Type Revolution

Choose a song, choose a level (hard is really difficult) and see if you can type the letters as quick as they come. This game will really help your typing a lot. 

alpha munchies

Type the right thing or the aliens will attack!

Typing Factory

Type the letters as they come down the conveyor belt. If it flashes green it's correct. See how fast you can get this factory line going.