GO with the flow

From NASA: In this game, you "Go with the Flow" only after you have fixed the currents to take you where you want to go. Where do you want to go? You want to get the KEY to the treasure chest full of GOLD, of course!

How much water?

Check out your water usage. Click this picture to a website that will help you measure how much water you use everyday. You may be surprised to find out it is a lot more than you think.

project wet

Discover water and the role it plays in our lives. You'll be surprised just how much it is used everywhere. 

water sense

Work your way through this Pac-man type game and collect all the drops of water. You'll reach different areas and get quizzed on your knowledge of saving water. 

The water family

You'll help a family cut down their water use in their home and garden. You help decide where water is used and try to reduce how much we all use. 

Mission H2O

See if you have what is takes to finish all the missions and help this family learns how to use less water

Water Cycle

The same water you and I drink is the same water the dinosaurs used to drink. We have been using the same 1% of our Earth's water since the beginning of Earth. That's right, only 1% of our planet's water is drinkable water. So how is it possible that we've been using the same water? That's because of the water cycle.


This is the process when water heats up and separates into tiny pieces of water. It becomes so light that it begins to float up into the sky. 


This is the second phase after evaporation where the water begins to cool down again and gathers up together to form clouds or drops on your drinking glass. 


When enough water collects and the clouds become too heavy the water falls back down to the ground. Precipitation can be rain, snow, hail, or sleet.  

After water falls from the clouds or precipitates it returns to the ground, rivers, lakes, or the ocean. Much of the water becomes filtered or cleaned naturally... but the more we pollute our water and earth the more difficult it becomes for the natural cleaning process to be achieved.